Invest in your most important active: Your values

Rafael Gómez Blanes
6 min readFeb 19, 2019

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More years ago than I can remember, I finished my computer engineering degree at my city’s university. It was a hard time, with subjects I had to compatibilize with some part-time job.

When I got to realize, time went by quickly and I started to experience all of those ambitions and needs of the middle class of my country: a house, kids, etc., which is not less and, in fact, I feel very lucky to have had a comfortable and solvent life and I expect to maintain in the future.

As I write, I hear an overwhelming silence in the apartment where I live, the rumor of a distant car barely reminds me I am in an inhabited place. I can see the shadows of a giant oak I like to stare at every time I go out, moving in front of the terrace. All of this was already here two years ago when I knew nothing about this apartment, or this terrace or this leafy oak. And what changed to make me come here or would took me to a similar place but it would have been different from that other life anyway? Now I know. I have only learned to meet, value and be loyal to my values set that I simply did not know nor respect before.

I must say that, in a jobs matter, I haven’t done that bad: I worked for a multinational IT company and when we could still hear the dramatic echoes of the 2008/2009 financial crisis, I switched companies risking my fixed position and going on an adventure without knowing if it would work or not.

I understood I was not made to climb up the business scale and get far within the same organization of thousands of workers with offices in many countries. That way is hard and, in the end, the greetings you may find may compensate every climbed step or not. Honestly, I did not project myself living the situations, responsibilities and work nature of my own boss, which was the only possibility to economically improve back then.

But a time before, in the previous years to this work change I decided, I discovered many important things that time had proved over and over again: we easily get used to live in a very limited…

Rafael Gómez Blanes

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