Travelling “single”

Rafael Gómez Blanes
9 min readFeb 14, 2019

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I don’t know if it is because of Haruki Murakami’s characters, one of my favourite authors, or because I have a character that predisposes me, the truth is that I like to spend some time by myself. One day, one weekend, any time is good for something that, to my surprise, is about avoiding most people. It is not that I always want to be myself, as if I were a misanthrope, all the contrary, but I like to spend brief periods of time by myself.

The people who knows me, love me and respect me, I mean, those who really know me, don’t see it as something eccentric anymore, they just accept it, and some of them have done the same.

However, I discovered it has nothing to do with spending time by yourself home alone, with your reference places and routines, with planning a mini trip to a place you would like to know better and go there with only a two-day bag, your camera, a book you have been wanting to read and just a bare idea of what you are going to do the next 48 hours. That desired uncertainty ends up turning into a creative and introspective experience.

I also discovered that I used to think that travelling alone was something crazy, something only eccentric and antisocial people did, and I would not have think about doing it; but now, after this first time, I not only see it as normal and healthy but as something I would recommend to everyone.

I did not discover anything new, since there is already a movement of people who travel alone because they want to. There are also some travel guides dedicated to that subject.

At the beginning, there was no other relevant point in spending a few days at Cazalla de la Sierra than to disconnect and rest, doing something totally new for me. Something like charging batteries. Now I realize how wrong I was: you get out of your world for a while and, what do you find? Yourself: a unique situation to look at yourself without interruptions. It is a way to see it.

I suspect big part of our dissatisfaction comes from how disconnected we are from ourselves.

What a better opportunity than traveling single (I don’t know if that definition exists) going to a place and environment as…

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